A Life In Trade (Vinyl)


Release Year: 2023

Memorializing a unique chapter of uncertainty and estrangement in our global fabric, the 40-minute listen underwrites the beauty and long lasting impact of connection in spite of the hurdles such an era presents. With acceptance and appreciation for the cards dealt before him, Edens offers his contribution to the tapestry of today, sewing heirloom seeds to be enjoyed by future generations.

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The album’s title, A Life In Trade, is a nod to a business arrangement struck by Pierce Edens with Mike Savino from the bands Tall Tall Trees and Kishi Bashi. Savino had a vision of constructing a recording studio and required a skilled carpenter, recognizing Edens’ expertise. In a barter of services, the musicians traded their time: building for recording, trim for tracking, flooring for mixing, and soundproofing for sound creation.

Within the album, Edens preserves his distinctive rugged sound while achieving a heightened sense of intimacy compared to previous works. Weaving a blue-collar theme, the songs delve into raw and relatable love narratives, with a foundation of “A Life In Trade” serving as its backdrop. Edens celebrates finding love after “years piling up” in the opening track “The Only Ones.” He laments losing it in the heart-wrenching track “Lovely Bones” and expresses pinpointed longing for it in “I Want You.” Finally, the album travels outward to timely, global concepts in its only cover song “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon,” where Edens makes a poignant note of society’s preoccupation with living on other planets.

Each song and interlude are a testament to the skill of Edens’ longtime bandmate Kevin Reese. Playing guitar and mandolin, Reese conjoins, layers, and expands with poetic breaks and soulful licks that underline his years of stage-sharing with Edens. Savino also appears on bass, banjo, and percussion, providing the full depth of his musical knowledge and innovative application. The album also features guest appearances by Bryan Minto on harmonica and Ryan Oslance on drums. Long time collaborator Adam Johnson mixed and mastered the album.

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Track Listings

  1. The Only Ones
  2. Whisper In The Water
  3. Lovely Bones
  4. Sunbreak
  5. Trouble
  6. Near Misses
  7. I Want You
  8. A.T.T.I.L.A.G.K.ME
  9. Two Pennies
  10. I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon

Album Credits

  • Pierce Edens: vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Kevin Reese: guitars, mandolin, vocals
  • Mike Savino: banjo, bass, percussion
  • Bryan Minto: harmonica
  • Ryan Oslance: drums, percussion
  • Adam Johnson: mixing, mastering

Produced by: Mike Savino and Pierce Edens.
“I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon” written by Jeff Moss.
“Sunbreak” and “ATTILAGKME” composed by Kevin Reese.

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